Why I am starting my podcast?


  1. Introduction to my podcast
  2. In-depth on the ‘why’

First, for the launch news, Check it out here: anchor.fm/thehustlemindsetshow. A podcast for everyone with a growth mindset. I (beacons.ai/veerdosi) talk with cool and impactful people regarding their startup, side hustle, or anything cool they are doing and bring up short episodes in an interview format with learnings for all innovators and impact-driven ambitious ones.

Why am I launching this?:

  1. To expand my skillset(performative speaking and audio editing): Launching a podcast allows you to develop your speaking skills and it almost forces you to learn audio editing. Speaking is a skill that all leaders require. And audio editing is a prerequisite to recording
  2. To meet and interact with new people: Research shows that the best way to build your network is through coffee chats and by interacting over video. The best way to do that?: Podcasting. This allows you to get people on board, ask questions and share your takeaways with the world while building a tight-knit group of a personal board of advisors.
  3. To build out a side project and build my own experience: Most of the obs today require an unconventional approach for you to take and a side hustle is really dope. So this will help me to showcase a solo project I have done.
  4. Learn essential life skills like networking, public speaking, marketing, etc.
  5. Get answers to un google-able questions while deriving actionable advice and insights by talking to brilliant people: Launching a podcast allows you to ask pressing questions and get an answer.

Thus, I have decided to launch to build my personal brand and get an avenue for personal growth and development. I will be sending out the first episode soon enough and am looking forward to learning as much as I can from the brilliant people out there.

If you wanna connect with me, reach out to me through Linkedin. Check out all my social links here: beacons.ai/veerdosi

Veer Dosi is a hustler, entrepreneur, and innovator building out side hustles and upskilling. veerdosi.com